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Air conditioning system is an equipment used to regulate the air temperature, air circulation, air humidity and air cleanliness. The design of the air conditioning system simulation engine in this car is one way to facilitate the learning process of the air conditioning in the car. Air conditioning systems in cars is made up of several components, such as compressors, condensers, receiver, expansion valve and evaporator. The purpose of making this final project is a picture to be able to understand and grasp components, the process of the air conditioning system. Making Final Simulation in car air conditioning systems consist of material that is readily available and is not harmful to the environment (eco-friendly). There are 2 main parts of the air conditioning equipment, namely the Framework and components of air conditioning systems in cars. Framework of the tool is made of S30C steel with a size 30mmx30mm virkan welded with electric welding and air conditioning system components with specifications: Compressor (Sanden 507), condenser (Condenser Showa), receiver and evaporator (ACM), the driving engine (Easton) and R134a refrigerant type (Dupont) which is commonly used in the car and easily available in the market.

Keywords : Air Conditioning, Simulation

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