• Ery Hernawan Wintresnanto
  • Muhammad Suyanto
  • Samuel Kristiyana


water heater tanks, PID control systems, LM35, microcontroller ATmega32


The tank water heater is a equipment used to heat water that is currently widely used to provide hot water in residential facilities, such as the need for a warm water bath with the water temperature around 30 ° C - 70 ° C. The technique is generally used to heat water by using an electric water heater is installed on the water heater tank. Element water heater in addition to easy installation also safe and environmentally friendly.

            In this design of plant, will simulate the temperature-controlled device on tank water heater using PID control system (PID temperature controller) which is a commonly used method of operation in the industry nowadays, especially as temperature controller. The sensor used is LM35 temperature sensor that has a high level of measurement accuracy and good linearity. The output of the LM35 temperature sensor will then be read by a microcontroller which is used microcontroller ATmega32.

            Application of PID control system gives ease to use as a temperature controller  with a small error rate and high stability. Parameters obtained from the analysis of PID control system is applied to the design of the temperature control device on the water heater tank. Based on the Ziegler-Nichols tuning method, the parameters of PID control systems with double integral time T = 1 second is a = 25,98, b = 0,866 and c = 389,7. System has a rise time response and reached the reference temperature at 60 ° C for 290 seconds.



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