Penerapan Teknologi Untuk Pengawasan Anak Dalam Mrnggunakan Gadget Pada Komunitas Orangtua Di Dusun Putat, Kecamatan Patuk, Gunungkidul


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gadget, supervision, protection, youtube, playstore


Nowadays, because of the high technology lifestyle, the gadget is not only used by
adults but also children. Continuous use of gadgets for social media, playing games or
watching entertainment for children can have a negative impact, but many parents still do
not understand this and let their children play gadgets without supervision. Based on the
survey in Putat village, Patuk, Gunungkidul, the community service program was carried out
to educate parents how to be wise parents in the digital era by introducing the digital native
world to parents, as well as educating them to be able to prepare children to face the rapid
development of technology in an effort to build a physically and mentally healthy family.
These new skills are in the form of how to communicate with children regarding gadgets,
how to make agreements with children and how to protect children's gadgets using the
technology application in each person’s gadget. The program activities had run smoothly
and with direct practice includes in the activities, it can further motivate the community to
directly apply the shared knowledge. The questionnaire result shows that the community
agree that this program provided provisions to the community in the form of thinking skills
or other skills, and the application/implementation of community service in community
learning efforts has been able to increase the people's reasoning ability.