Peningkatan Softskil Kompetensi IOT Untuk Siswa-Siswi SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Kramat


  • Miftakhul Huda Politeknik Harapan Bersama
  • Yerry Febrian Sabanise Politeknik Harapan Bersama
  • Arfan Haqiqi Sulasmoro Politeknik Harapan Bersama



IOT, components, operating systems, knowledge


The need for an IOT approach with the world of education, especially at the
vocational level so that students can know the development of technological advances.
Because in the world of school or college a lot of time is spent on time-consuming activities
and eventually deviates from the main purpose of educational institutions, for example
checking student attendance which must be done several times a day. The existence of IoT
will help this inefficient system. Students' knowledge of IoT needs to be increased, students
feel the need to increase the provision of material, so the solution is to increase students'
knowledge in mastering IoT and IoT components ranging from sensors, CPUs, embedded
device operating systems, networking. After carrying out Community Service activities with
the theme IOT Competency Softskill Improvement for Students of SMK Muhammadiyah 1
Kramat after participating in this activity, students know IOT better and gain mastery of IOT