Penerapan Kemandirian Ekonomi dalam Mengembangkan Peran Anggota Organisasi Aisyiyah Ranting Ngadiwinatan


  • Rahmah Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
  • Yusi Riwayatul Afsah Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta



Aisyiyah, Economy, Independence, Ngadiwinatan


Aisyiyah as a religious women's organization in Ngadiwinatan has various activities
based on community empowerment-one of them is empowering the economic
independence of Aisyiyah residents. During this pandemic, Aisyiyah's work from the
Ngadiwinatan Branch of Aisyiyah is urgently needed to help Aisyiyah residents who are
affected by economic difficulties, especially in maintaining economic independence.
Therefore, it takes an effort to be able to facilitate or help the economic difficulties of the
residents of Aisyiyah Ngadiwinatan. The ultimate goal of this activity is to optimize the role
of the Ngadiwinatan Branch in the economic independence of its members. This activity
consists of three stages, starting with an entrepreneurship seminar, creating an online
discussion forum and facilitating the opening of the Aisyiyah Ngadiwinatan Branch of
economic business unit. The results of this activity are the increased knowledge of
participants in entrepreneurship, the active involvement of members in online shops and the
formation of the BUEKA Ngadiwinatan shop manager as a forum for the economic
independence of Aisyiyah Ngadiwinatan residents. Furthermore, the implication of this
activity is the increased insight of the participants to develop their business online by
utilizing social media and working together. The conclusion of this activity is that the active
participation and high motivation of the administrators and members of the Ngadiwinatan
branch of Aisyiyah led to the immediate formation of an economic business unit named the
BUEKA Ngadiwinatan shop.