- Umningsih, Benyamin Fuad Yassin Siregar


Booting on computer is a process to excecute operating system of the computer which is  located in internal harddisk.  Normally computer (with harddisk) is no problem on booting, but if on emergency computer it need another  component to replace  harddisk so that the computer can  be booted. This research is to find a solution to excecute operating system or booting on emergency computer (withhout hardisk) by taking advantage server memory of SAN which is operated through computer network.  In this case operating system used is LINUX, while the protocol of operating system which is running used the AoE protocol included in gPXE.  The present of gPXE  is replace the function PXE (support booting on networkcard), in this case because gPXE can be set on other booting medium such as floopy disk.  The gPXE component has more advanced protocol than PXE, for example ability booting through SAN.  From this research, it is to proof the affectiveness of useful AoE protocol of gPXE, it can operate emergency computer as normal computer .  The test showed that between normal and emergency computer has defferent time of 30 second for booting and 40 second for boot loader.


Key word: gPXE, SAN, AoE, booting, computer network.


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