Muhammad Agus Sahbana


The development of robotics technology have made the quality of human life higher. At present the development of robotics technology has been able to improve the quality and quantity production of various industries.As the robot is one of the tools in a certain condition is needed in the industry. There are certain conditions in the industry that can not be handled by humans such as the need for high accuracy, great power, high speed or high risk. These circumstances can be overcome by the robot thesis aims to determine the influence of roughness shape and trajectory of the mechanical systems fire-fighting robot based microcontroller AT89S51.

 Based on the above title then we will know how much influence the shape and roughness trajectory of a robotic mechanical system in a path through the level of difficulty varies greatly both in the past or even a straight path zig-zag and have a level floor of different roughness so that later we will know the speed of an accurate robot motion and the amount of friction wheel robot on the floor to extinguish the flame of a candle

Results from the analysis of the influence of roughness shape and trajectory of the mechanical systems fire-fighting robot microcontroller-based robot speeds AT89S51.that a very accurate straight-line path happened to this story because karna plywood on the straight path of motion of robots is not too hard to pass, while the zig-zag path storey house robot velocity is very slow due to the friction and delay time that occurs on the robot so that the path that zig-zag take a long time.


Keywords: fire extinguisher robot, robot speed, mechanical systems, microcontroller AT89S51

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