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The development of electronic data is increasing rapidly, causing the security of electronic data need a fairly powerful. Currently, each person is very easy to exchange information on all matters, including sharing knowledge on how to access the data illegally. Storage of data in the database table is equipped with the password authentication mechanism which is installed on the application can be made. But bad people who intend to seek another way to access the confidential data directly to the database table, without going through the application.

With the possibility of illegal access the databse directly to the table, the need to develop a mechanism that can secure the data from illegal access of people are not responsible for the database table level. There are many ways you can do for the encryption of data stored in the database table.

On this research, suggested techniques using database encrypting by PGP is promoted. PGP is an encryption mechanism that is very good practice with the public and private key. PGP is well known for encryption in e-mail and text files, and some other features. Important data which you want stored in the database field, previously encrypted with PGP practice. Once encrypted, barulan ciphertext is stored in the database table field.


Keywords: Data Encryption, PGP, Security Database

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